Wind Power

Wind turbines can generate clean, renewable power in rural locations that are very windy.

Small Wind Turbines (50 kW and smaller)

Small wind turbines can help power rural homes, farms, ranches and businesses that have wide-open spaces where the wind can blow freely.

Community Wind, Commercial-scale Wind (100 kW and larger)

Larger wind projects can be developed and owned by a community or by a commercial developer to offset a facility’s electricity use or sell power directly to the utility.

  1. Establish your eligibility.

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    All projects and sites must be reviewed for eligibility by Energy Trust prior to installation.

    • Be located in the service territory of, or deliver power to, Portland General Electric or Pacific Power in Oregon.
    • Be at least one acre in size.
    • Be located within about 1,500 feet of a utility’s electrical meter (closer is better).
    • Tower height must be a minimum of 70 feet.
    • All installed wind turbines must be on the list of Energy Trust eligible wind turbines.
    • Wind turbine blades must be 30 feet above any trees, buildings or other obstacles within a 400-foot radius. (Future growth of trees for the next 20 years should be taken into consideration.)
    • Minimum setback between the tower base and property lines, power lines and habitable buildings must be equal to or greater than the height of the wind system, including the blades, unless explicit agreement is reached with the adjoining property owner and allowed by local regulations.
  2. Give us a call.

    Contact Jed Jorgensen at 503.445.7611  and we can help you determine if a wind turbine makes sense for your property.

  3. Determine your wind speed.

    Contact a wind analytics company (e.g. AWS Truepower) or a turbine manufacturer to get an estimate of your average annual wind speed. The cost of acquiring the wind resource report can be partially covered by project development assistance. See Details tab for more information.

  4. Select your wind turbine.

    All installed wind turbines must be on the list of Energy Trust eligible wind turbines. The list is shown under the Resources tab.

  5. Apply for Energy Trust incentives.

    Your incentive application must be submitted to Energy Trust prior to purchasing equipment or starting construction on your project.

Project Development Assistance

Energy Trust provides support for expert project development assistance including, but not limited to, grant writing assistance, feasibility studies, final design, permitting, utility interconnection and construction management. We may pay up to 50 percent of the cost of hiring an outside consultant to provide expert assistance for these activities, up to a maximum of $200,000.

Project development assistance forms

  • Form 910E (PDF | Doc): Project Enrollment Application
  • Form 930RF (PDF | Doc): Request for Funding

Installation Incentives

Incentive levels are based on a project’s cost in comparison to the market value of the energy produced, called above-market cost. There is no cap or fixed percentage of the amount of above-market costs we will pay. In return for our funding contribution, we ask for a negotiated share of the project’s Renewable Energy Certificates, which are held in trust for the ratepayers who contribute to Energy Trust.

Eligible Turbines

To be eligible for Energy Trust incentives, wind turbines models must be listed on the Interstate Turbine Advisory Council Unified List of Wind Turbines.

Manufacturer/TurbineModelRatings at 11m/s (kW)1Annual Energy at 5m/s (≈11mph)(kWh)2
Pika EnergyPika T7011.52.420
EvereadyKestrel e400nb2.53,930
Endurance Wind PowerS3435.338,9103
BergeyExcel 65.59,920
Bergey WindpowerExcel 108.913,800
Osiris 109.823,704
Endurance Wind PowerE-3120 3 phase574114,9004
Endurance Wind Power E-3120 single phase48.3114,9004
Northern Power SystemsNPS100844170,0004
VergnetGEV MP242.8

1 As listed on ITAC website unless noted
2 As certified by SWCC or Microgeneration Certification Scheme unless noted
3 Power performance test report submitted to SWCC Aug 2012
4 Published manufacturer specifications as of Aug 2012

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Energy Trust does not endorse any particular manufacturer, contractor or product in promoting its programs. The fact that the names of particular manufacturers, contractors, products or systems may appear on this page or elsewhere in Energy Trust program materials does not constitute an endorsement. Manufacturers, contractors, products or systems not mentioned are not implied to be unsuitable or defective in any way. Energy Trust is not responsible for assuring that the design, engineering, or construction of any wind system project is proper or complies with any particular laws, regulations, codes, licensing, certification and permit requirements, or industry standards. Energy Trust does not make any representations of any kind regarding the results to be achieved by any eligible turbine listed or any wind energy system or the adequacy or safety of such measures.

Questions? Need Help? Contact Us.

We’re here to help you assess if you might have a viable wind power project and discuss what incentives may be available. Contact Jed Jorgensen at 503.445.7611.

Success Stories

Cascade Buffalo Ranch, Salem

Cascade Buffalo Ranch, Salem

Cash Incentives: $52,000

Tamástslikt Cultural Institute, Pendleton

Tamástslikt Cultural Institute, Pendleton

Cash Incentives: $170,992

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