Utility and Community Partners

Portland General Electric

Energy Savings www.portlandgeneral.com/energyefficiency

Renewable Power www.portlandgeneral.com/renewables

Customer Service: 503.228.6322 or 1.800.542.8818

Pacific Power

Energy Savings www.pacificpower.net/wattsmart

Renewable Power www.pacificpower.net/bluesky

Customer Service: 1.888.221.7070

NW Natural

Energy Savings www.nwnatural.com/save

Renewable Energy www.nwnatural.com/smart

Customer Service: 1.800.422.4012

Cascade Natural Gas

Energy Savings www.cngc.com/conservation

Customer Service: 1.888.522.1130

Conservation Assistance: 1.866.626.4479


Energy Savings www.avistautilities.com/cashrebates

Customer Service: 1.800.227.9187 (residential) or 1.800.936.6629 (business)


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